I see it every day. The thought of moving is one of the biggest obstacles holding people back from selling their house and buying a house. Let’s face it, moving does stink, but it doesn’t have to stink as much. Moving has long been the most painful part of selling and buying a home but you have so much to look forward to, don’t let moving stand in your way. All you need are some proven moving techniques, a little organization, ample determination and to follow our advice and you will move like a pro.


Preparing the Move

Buckle down and get it done. Have family members or good friends support you as much as possible. Moving can be stressful but having support is important during stressful times. And being there for support are what family and friends are for (for the most part).

Moving Checklist

A moving checklist is invaluable when moving. So much is happening when you are selling and buying a home that it is impossible to remember everything you need to do. With the help of our friends at Triple A Movers in Minnesota (they are the best moving company in the state of Minnesota), we’ve provided a detailed checklist for your move directly below.

6-8 Weeks Before Your Move

• Start strategically planning your move, step-by-step, to alleviate the stress of last minute packing.
• Create a room where you can store and organize packing supplies to assist you in your move. Group boxes by size for easy access.
• Make travel arrangements for you and your family, if necessary.
• Contact your insurance agent to transfer medical, property, fire and auto insurance.
• Return anything you have borrowed from nearby friends or relatives and ask for your things back.
• Compile a list of phone numbers and for easy access when in your new home.
• Create a folder for moving related expenses where you can file all receipts. Many moving expenses are tax deductible. Obtain an IRS Change of Address form, Form 8822, and deduct moving expenses form, Form 3903 at the IRS website.
• Notify schools in the old and new location and arrange for the transfer of school records and begin the process of registering in new schools.
• Collect all medical, dental and school records to ensure you do not forget to obtain them at a later date.
• Contemplate possibly holding a garage sale at least two weeks prior to your move.
• Hire a mover and received an estimate. Check with you mover to confirm that all the details of the move are set. If you are packing on your own, make the proper arrangements and get the right supplies.
• If you are moving on your own, reserve a moving truck and make other proper arrangements.